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US-2018013900-A1: Image processing apparatus and information processing apparatus patent, US-2018015834-A1: Fast charging home system for an electric vehicle patent, US-2018018492-A1: Optical system for biometric identification of a user patent, US-2018019225-A1: Bonding System patent, US-2018027755-A1: Dripper Gripper patent, US-2018028183-A1: Pneumatic actuator for dispensing surgical staples patent, US-2015167401-A1: Thermally expandable casing collar patent, US-2015167934-A1: Energy efficient illumination apparatus and method for illuminating surfaces patent, US-2015171456-A1: Fuel cell stack patent, US-2015186462-A1: Optimizing query processing by interposing generated machine code patent, US-2015218458-A1: Method for Increasing Coke-Oven Gas patent, US-2015226399-A1: Nonlinear optical assembly of an alert light patent, US-2015234294-A1: Lithographic apparatus patent, US-2015240196-A1: Multi-compartment device for cell cloning and method of performing the same patent, US-2015246933-A1: Compositions and Methods for Inhibiting Activity of Hypoxia-Inducible Transcription Factor Complex and Its Use for Treatment of Tumors patent, US-2015290945-A1: Liquid container patent, US-2015292167-A1: Method for covering a ballast bed with foam in a railway track system patent, US-2015306822-A1: Method of manufacturing three-dimensional structure, three-dimensional structure, three-dimensional structure manufacturing apparatus, three-dimensional formation composition, and three-dimensional formation material patent, US-2015328617-A1: Method and device for the synthesis of artemisinin patent, US-2015348372-A1: Peep Device for Poker Card Game Machine patent, US-2016004209-A1: Replaceable Unit for an Image Forming Device Having a Retainer Assembly Having Positioning Features for Processing Circuitry patent, US-2016007841-A1: Photonic needle with optimal bevel angle patent, US-2016079920-A1: Spin Torque Oscillator Having Multiple Fixed Ferromagnetic Layers or Multiple Free Ferromagnetic Layers patent, US-2016239282-A1: Context Sensitive Framework for Providing Data From Relevant Applications patent, US-2016294302-A1: Energy harvesting device using sshi techniques patent, US-2016332451-A1: Liquid container and recording apparatus on which liquid container is mounted patent, US-2017135845-A1: Elastic Pressure Device patent, US-2015174123-A1: Oxabicycloheptanes and oxabicycloheptenes for the treatment of reperfusion injury patent, US-2015189425-A1: Mobile device speaker control patent, US-2015199344-A1: Speculative rendering during cache revalidation patent, US-2015206164-A1: Payment process patent, US-2015207941-A1: Image reading device, copier, and image forming apparatus patent, US-2015224395-A1: Video game instant replay patent, US-2015232531-A1: Inhibiting peptides derived from triggering receptor expressed on myeloid cells-1 (trem-1) trem-like transcript 1 (tlt-1) and uses thereof patent, US-2015258383-A1: Interactive Athletic Training Log patent, US-2015270922-A1: Method, device and system for detecting a jamming transmitter patent, US-2015283527-A1: Process for fluidized bed granulation of amino acid-containing fermentation broths patent, US-2015309334-A1: Improvements In Or Relating To Deformable Non-Round Membrane Assemblies patent, US-2015309981-A1: Methods, systems, and devices for outcome prediction of text submission to network based on corpora analysis patent, US-2015339265-A1: Detecting anomalies in a time series patent, US-2015345868-A1: Thermal shielding system patent, US-2016022428-A1: Expandable spinal interbody device patent, US-2016023477-A1: Liquid discharging apparatus patent, US-2016060565-A1: Process for purifying oils and products produced from the purified oils patent, US-2016063106-A1: Related Entity Search patent, US-2016092761-A1: Protective stripe for bank cards patent, US-2016125698-A1: System and Method for Providing a Secondary Contest Dependent on the Results of a Primary Game patent, US-2016147966-A1: Apparatus and method for setting multi-hierarchy event alarm according user response patent, US-2016154321-A1: Fluid handling structure, lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method patent, US-2016198834-A1: Adjustable cosmetic applicator patent, US-2016234925-A1: Power supply apparatus patent, US-2016292082-A1: Selective purging of pci i/o address translation buffer patent, US-2016340421-A1: Antibodies to human gdf8 patent, US-2017013208-A1: Image sensor and electronic device patent, US-2017053039-A1: Pattern matching based character string retrieval patent, US-2017065101-A1: Dual arm child motion device patent, US-2017107221-A1: Pharmacophore for trail induction patent, US-2017152172-A1: Optical glass, optical element using optical glass, and optical device patent, US-2017203724-A1: Window wiper plate, especially for motor vehicles patent, US-2017225495-A1: Printing apparatus patent, US-2017316860-A1: Container arrangement for power transformers patent, US-2015174811-A1: Method for interdigitated finger coextrusion patent, US-2015177633-A1: Toner patent, US-2015180579-A1: Optical transmission device and control method for the same patent, US-2015252176-A1: Silica Masterbatch Made with Emulsion and Solution Rubber patent, US-2015258832-A1: Dye-sublimation printing method for light transmissive medium and product made by the same patent, US-2015267508-A1: Expandable and Variable-Length Bullnose Assembly for Use With a Wellbore Deflector Assembly patent, US-2015284904-A1: Mixtures of fiber-reactive azo dyes, their preparation and their use patent, US-2015289310-A1: Cellular base station patent, US-2015304150-A1: Low complexity narrowband interference suppression patent, US-2015310113-A1: Mobile Terminal, Server, System And Method For Realizing Search patent, US-2015332689-A1: Noise filling concept patent, US-2015337070-A1: Method for producing formaldehyde/co2 copolymers patent, US-2015356798-A1: Controlling access to a resource patent, US-2015379741-A1: Information processing apparatus, control method for information processing apparatus, and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium patent, US-2016050593-A1: Harq adaptation for acquisition of neighbor cell system information patent, US-2016054201-A1: Sampling Device patent, US-2016070690-A1: Display of user comments to timed presentation patent, US-2016106183-A1: Shoe Tongue Covering Device patent, US-2016111308-A1: Reduced capacity carrier, transport, load port, buffer system patent, US-2016122437-A1: Antibodies to matrix metalloproteinase 9 patent, US-2016124796-A1: Method and device for fault detection patent, US-2016184376-A1: Method for Promoting ATP Production and Mitochondrial Activity, and Immunostimulating in Type 2 Diabetic Patients patent, US-2016236867-A1: Modular, multi-function smart storage containers patent, US-2016257261-A1: In-vehicle sensor mounting structure patent, US-2016273296-A1: Improved closure apparatus patent, US-2016340269-A1: Method for producing hydrocarbon patent, US-2016366020-A1: Action Orchestration in Fault Domains patent, US-2017056632-A1: Dilation catheter with expandable stop element patent, US-2017290557-A1: Radiation imaging system, radiation imaging apparatus, radiation imaging method, and storage medium patent, US-2015169813-A1: Creating an end point report based on a comprehensive timing report patent, US-2015171465-A1: SOLID STATE CATHOLYTE OR ELECTROLYTE FOR BATTERY USING LiaMPbSc (M=Si, Ge, and/or Sn) patent, US-2015177871-A1: Touch panel, manufacturing method thereof, and touchscreen apparatus patent, US-2015186213-A1: Data processing system having end-to-end error correction and method therefor patent, US-2015192115-A1: Pneumatic Piston Pump Metering and Dispense Control patent, US-2015193653-A1: Kinetic-based tool for biometric identification, verification, validation and profiling patent, US-2015197528-A1: Organic compounds patent, US-2015215997-A1: Device and method for reducing network reactions when an electric arc furnace is in operation patent, US-2015219720-A1: Relay Control System and Method for Controlling Same patent, US-2015228049-A1: Processing of Primitive Blocks in Parallel Tiling Engine Pipes patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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